Because we care for the environment. We are proud to be green.
Our products are used in these industries helping the environment.

Factories to Manufacturers


Our quiet and efficient compressors are used in a myriad of industrial applications where a reliable, clean air source is critical. We offer 3 through 50 horsepower designs to ensure we have the right size for your application. Whether you’re a multi-national company or a small “mom and pop” facility, we can enhance your product outcomes.

Helping save lives

We Help to save lives

Our compressors are used throughout the world on life sustaining, medical air systems. The compressor is the “heart and soul” of a medical air system and we understand the critical nature of medical air needs. Our compressors are, and have been, the reliable source of medical compressed air systems all over the globe.

Aiding in scientific discoveries

Helping Scientists in their Discoveries

Look no further for an oil-less compressed air source to meet your high demands for laboratory air than Coaire. Our compressors do not require oil to operate, ensuring the compressed air is free of oil contaminants. Pharmaceuticals, research, food processing, chromatography equipment, sterilizers, et al demand a reliable, clean compressor source.

Public Transportation
Riding with people everyday

Used in everyday tranportation

Hybrid buses, electric railways, and passenger trains require a compressed air source. Our scroll, oil-less compressors, are the perfect choice to ensure the braking and lifting systems provide reliable, compressed air. Whether you are designing a new product line or looking to replace your existing compressors, Coaire offers the product of choice.